The 6 most effective foods to fight migraine

foods to fight migraine

A diet with high doses of legumes, fruits, and oily fish is the best ally for those affected by this ailment

Migraine is a condition that affects 4 million people in the United States. This part of the population lives pending when they will suffer the next migraine attack. These people know that when that dreaded moment arrives, they will be forced to lock themselves in a dark room for hours, with an intense headache and to the misunderstanding of most of society.

The “tragedy” of constant pain is added to “the misunderstanding” of society, which relates migraine to a simple headache and does not understand that people who suffer from it cannot work or lead a normal life when they rage the crises.

Official figures speak that 4 million people in the United States suffer from this pathology and 1,600,000 suffer up to 15 crises in a month. Migraine affects more women than men – 75 percent versus 25 percent – who suffer its effects, especially from puberty, remitting in many cases from menopause, related to hormonal changes.

Foods to fight migraine

If you suffer from this condition, your food will help you prevent and relieve your migraines. Foods of choice, according to experts, can reduce the number of migraines you endure.

Legumes: these are foods low in fat and rich in fiber and protein. Its daily consumption is recommended to fight against migraines.

Strawberries: fruits, in general, are one of the great allies to fight against migraines. In particular, strawberries are an excellent source to prevent migraines.

Lettuce: Green leafy vegetables are highly recommended for fighting migraine headaches. Therefore, lettuce can become one of your great allies.

Nuts: olive, soy, and sunflower oils are often recommended to combat headaches. Hence, nuts are recommended for people who suffer from migraine attacks.

Bluefish: the phosphorus provided by fish such as sardines or tuna are one of the best allies to combat migraines. Fish, in general, is recommended to lessen the effects of these severe headaches.

Seafood: the proteins provided by seafood are ideal for reducing the discomfort caused by migraine headaches.

According to these findings, individuals who suffer from migraines can avoid baked goods, fried, and saucy items because of their high fat and sugar content.

Foods that cause migraine

There are many factors involved in triggering a migraine (stress, fasting, lack of sleep, physical exercise, medications, etc.), and one of them is diet. Every day we eat food that contains a molecule called histamine, which is metabolized in the intestine with the help of the enzyme DAO. When there is a deficit of this enzyme, histamine is not metabolized and accumulates in the blood causing migraine.

Some of these foods that we consume almost daily and accelerate the onset of migraines are wine, beer, canned fish, coffee, tea, chocolate, industrial pastries, cheeses, pre-cooked products, seafood, tomatoes, or spinach, among others.

If you experience severe headaches when you eat any of these foods, check for a food migraine. Check here to take your test.

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